Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Russian Bread | Russian Chef | Russian Cuisine

Now we just look and not cook.

These are some kinds of bread that can be called Russian bread and can be found in Russian stores.

From left to to right:

up: Gortchitchniy, Nareznoy, Bun with Bran, Rzhanoy, Pletyonoe:
down: Ukrainskiy, Zolotistiy;
near: Borodinskiy, Tchernavskiy.

The most popular white bread is Nareznoy. It's a little bit sweet and is good with red caviar, meat products, or just with butter. In the country it's called Bulkha.

The main bread all over Russia is Ukrainsky. It's very simple. You can call it grey bread, but we call it black bread. Walk by to the counter and say: "One black, please", and you'll get Ukrainskiy.

Borodinskiy is a little bit sweater and spicy than Ukrainsky. It's strewed by coriander. Usually it's bigger than at the picture, and is like Ukrainsky by the volume. But there was only little one in the store, so I'm sorry..))

The most healthy is Bun or Bread with Bran.

Of course, we have different variations of Italian or French bread, but we'll talk about them some other time)).